Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to the Bright Side
pondered last 8:52 PM

I wonder why some people feel negative all the time (hah, as if I wasn't like this before) when it feels so great to have a positive outlook in life. I guess people have their own persectives. But why not look at the bright side of life?

I dunno, maybe I'm still a noob when it comes to being an optimist. But I learned a lot from that short period of time. I wanted to change my emo ways and be more of an optimist like most of the people I know. Maybe by doing that, I can be a better person not only to myself, but also to everybody else. Eh, enough about me. Let's talk general.

The dictionary says that the word "optimist" means "a person who has a positive outlook on life". It depends on how they think about stuff inside their thoughts and how they express it outside. They also know how to enjoy life and how to keep that smile on their faces in tact. And, like the dictionary says, they always try to be positive whatever situation they're facing.

Based on my observation, I think optimists own.(xD) First of all, people who carry the optimism gene don't really have to worry about carrying the world on their shoulders. Heck, they might be able to lift it with their pinky finger. Second, whenever somebody's down, they won't hesitate to help and give him or her a smile. And lastly, they are another one of those factors that make our world a much happier place to live in.

"Welcome to the bright side, my child," some random cloaked guy said to me.

I replied with a frown, "Uhh... WTF?"

"No, no, no. We must not use those kinds of words here. ...Well, you can, but say it with a freakin' smile on your face, damn it."

"WTF?:D There. Happy?"

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