Tuesday, May 1, 2007

your typical love story
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We see, read, and hear about love stories in books, television sets, newspapers, radios, blog posts, etc. Every single story alike in aspects such as lovers, conflicts, get-togethers, whatever. Usually stories that we see, read, or hear about in said everyday items are fictional... just a figment of someone's wide imagination. But who would've thought that one soon-to-be-couple would have a love story similar to the ones seen in t.v. dramas and all that?

Before January... 29 (I think), the two were still living ordinary, teenage lives. They haven't got a clue on who that person who they would love was. I can't tell their names, as I swore to keep their names a secret. (huwaw, antaray.XD)

They didn't meet each other in person. Instead, they met here on the internet. The boy saw the girl's blog. He saw her picture there. He said, "Wow, she's pretty cute. Maybe she won't mind being my friend or something..." He tagged on her tagboard, then he soon found out that she went to his blog as well. For weeks, they talked in both of their tagboards about their blog posts. And it didn't take long until the boy asked for the girl's e-mail address. Since then, they talked through instant messaging.

In just weeks, the boy's feelings for the girl grew. You could say that it's love at first sight. But technically, it isn't. Well, anyway, when it was his birthday, he decided to tell her. He thought she'd say the same. But when it came to the time that he told her, he became disappointed. It turns out that she doesn't feel the same.

But he waited...

Until one morning, he received a text message, telling him that... she kinda likes him too. He jumped out of bed out of happiness.

They had a smooth relationship with each other. But the girl doesn't really love the boy. She just had a crush on him that time, I guess. The boy was aware of that, but wasn't really sure. That's why they had problems with each other often. He always tried to ask the girl if she already loves him. Everytime she asked, she'd say "Natatakot pa ako..." and everytime she said that, he'd try harder to impress her more.

It didn't take long until he got a text message telling him that if he considers things like never forgetting about the one you love, always thinking about him or her every night and all that, then yeah, she already loves him.

Since then, they were inseparable. They escaped all the obstacles that came their way. After all that, they were given a chance to finally meet in person.

Not long ago, they met in some gathering. It was like a dream come true for the both of them. Sadly, it didn't last long. And they still had a lot of problems to face during that time. But still, it was worth it. At least they had the chance to hug each other... and at least one of 'em got to kiss the other person. :)

Maybe this isn't the greatest story ever told, or the story that shook the masses. But hey, it's your typical love story. And yeah, it can happen to anybody... or something like that.

There's more to the story than all of the things I said here. Baka sabihin niyong ang weird ng takbo e.XD

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