Thursday, May 3, 2007

pondered last 3:40 PM

"Problems don't come just to trouble us. Just like choices, they are part of our journey. But they don't just make you feel bad. It teaches you lessons; something like being stronger emotionally."

This is a piece from something a very close friend of mine wrote. And, no duh, it's about a problem that my friend once experienced.

Well, anyway...

Problems. Situations which gives us more stability in life. Yes, stability. People would usually say that problems aren't that beneficial in our everyday lives, that they only disturb us and keep us from doing things that we want to do. A lot would usually agree with their statements.

But I think that that isn't really right.

Sure, it CAN ruin anyone's day. But if it wasn't for problems popping out of nowhere, we wouldn't be here right now. Problems might be pests, but they teach us a lot about what we should do next time to avoid these kinds of obstacles and they make us become a lot smarter by making us think of solutions so that these problems would go *poof!*.

Why do many couples last lots of years together even though they also experience having problems? It's because they try to find ways around 'em. And why do billions of people walk around the earth today? It's because we had, have and will have problems that we'd eventually solve, adding more knowledge about how life works and how we could improve it.

We just have to take that risk... respond... or something.

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